Omnicom Media Group is the media services division of the Omnicom Group Inc., a leading global advertising and marketing communications service holding headquartered in New York.

Our network operations and centers of excellence provide strategic media planning and buying, digital and interactive marketing and other specialty communications services. By creating and using best-in-class technology, we’re enhancing our clients’ market performance, delivering better insights, strategy, planning, buying and reporting.

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OMD is an integrated communications agency delivering effective media and marketing solutions.

PHD is a media and communications agency that has been built on creativity and innovation.

Hearts and Science is a data-driven marketing agency that is pioneering the future of how brands and people will interact in the post-media world.

Resolution is a performance marketing agency with SEO, paid search and paid social marketing at its core.


Elie Khouri ,

At the helm of the Omnicom Media Group MENA, Elie oversees 23 offices in 16 markets across the Middle East and North Africa, comprising over 400 staff. Guided by his personal motto for the marketing industry: “let’s educate and entertain people to help them make smarter choices,” Elie continues to provide the guidance and stimulation that inspire all his teams to excel and innovate. Dedicated to developing the industry’s talent and raising the bar through best practice, he regularly ranks highly in the lists of powerful and influential people in our industry.

Ralph Khoury ,

Ralph knows the advertising industry intimately, since in addition to his role of Chief Financial Officer for Omnicom Media Group MENA, he retains his position of CFO at TBWARAAD Middle East, which he has held for the last 10 years. With over 25 years of international finance and management experience in the advertising and telecommunications industries across four continents, Ralph brings to the table a strong track record of providing strategic and operational leadership, supporting growth and delivering profitability for organizations in competitive and turbulent environments. His rich and extensive experience will further solidify OMG MENA’s ongoing plans.

Chadi Farhat ,

Chadi’s career in the media industry extends over two decades. After graduating from the Lebanese American University in 1995, he began his career as a media executive before joining Starcom in 1998. In 2001, he joined BBDO as a media director. He moved to OMD as a director in 2003 where he helped to grow the business to its current state. Chadi then became general manager of OMD in Lebanon in 2007 and subsequently moved to Dubai to work for the group in 2012.

Firas Ghazal ,

Firas’ career path has been far from linear, navigating through various departments within the organization to reach where he is today. He first joined OMD in 2002 as a junior research executive and grew within the research division, eventually leading it. He then moved to a strategic planning role. His performance, skills and talent were rewarded with a move to agency management where he worked as a deputy managing director for OMD. Most recently, he was appointed to handle operations for Omnicom Media Group MENA.

Fadi Chamat ,

After graduating from university with a business management degree, Fadi moved to OMD Dubai in 2002. As the only career that he has known, Fadi has grown with OMD in a variety of challenging roles. Starting as a planning executive, he grew to become an associate director in three years. He was appointed as general manager of OMD Kuwait in 2007 and general manager of PHD Abu Dhabi in 2008. After years of comprehensive experience in the company, Fadi is now the regional executive director of the People Team for Omnicom Media Group MENA.

Eric Mirabel ,

Now overlooking the marketing of the group’s agency networks as well as the holding, Eric’s media career started in London. He moved to Dubai in 1996 to head the sales team of Emap’s Gulf Marketing Review. In 1998, he became the magazine’s associate publisher and two years later its editor, before joining OMD to work across communications and business development. He has since worked on the launch of several agencies and units, as well as promoted the collective thought-leadership of the group through a series of white papers, industry events and other activities.

Choucrallah Abou Samra ,

Choucrallah’s career with the group started in Jeddah in 2002. In his 13 years at the helm of our operations in Saudi Arabia, he opened and overlooked OMD’s and PHD’s offices in the country, won significant new accounts and awards, developed our agencies’ offering and built an impressive network of relationships. In 2017, he relocated to Lebanon to open and run CORE, Omnicom Media Group MENA’s regional unit for technical and administrative operations supporting the holding’s agencies across the region.

Raouf Ketani ,

Raouf has over 15 years of web and digital media advertising experience, delivering and operating large scale web advertising projects for a wide range of clients. His experience spans across ad agencies, web publishers and ad technology providers. In 2016, he joined the group as head of Annalect MENA, where he uses his knowledge of web analytics, data platforms and digital operations to help our clients successfully develop revenue generating data strategies.

Nadim Samara ,

Nadim’s career started 14 years ago at OMD. Since then, he has rapidly progressed from buying, to planning, to strategy, to analytics and now, to agency management, with roles at OMD offices across four continents. He works smartly to ensure OMD employees and clients navigate the future with greater confidence and passion. He is focused on bringing out the best in people through his leadership, coaching and talent development skills that turn OMDers into OMDoers. His relentless focus on uncovering better practices helps stimulate the market performance of OMD’s clients.

Elda Choucair ,

One of the few female top executives in GCC’s media industry, Elda has progressed rapidly to reach her current position thanks to her passion and drive. At PHD, she manages a team of 50, keeping not only an eye on the bottom line but also ensuring the operation remains true to the global network’s positioning. She was recognized for her leadership skills late 2012 when she was named the Omnicom Media Group MENA’s Leader of the Year.

Fadi Maktabi ,

Before taking on the role of general manager of Hearts & Science MENA, Fadi was previously the head of strategy at OMD UAE, where he successfully drove the agency’s business and product development.

Wissam Najjar ,

Wissam started his career at OMD 15 years ago. He moved to OMD Dubai in 2003 to lead the buying team for the Lower Gulf region, before returning to Lebanon in 2012. Since then, Wissam has been managing OMD’s Levant operation, equipped with extensive media and communications experience. As a development specialist with an eye for trading and innovation, he helps not only his clients achieve their goals, but also guides his peers to realize their full potential. With a personal belief that ‘nothing is impossible,’ he is always eager to resolve conflicts with creative solutions.

Eric Bequin ,

Eric started his career in 1992 in advertising agencies in France and the UAE, handling various accounts including premium brands. In 1999, he moved to the client side, joining Goodyear Dunlop Tires as a marketing director for EMEA. He returned to the Middle East in 2007, joining OMD to drive the agency’s expansion into North Africa. In addition to his North African regional remit, Eric heads our luxury practice, injecting insights and creativity in their communications for some of the world’s largest luxury brands.

Faisal Shams ,

Faisal joined OMD in the UAE in 2007, leading the real estate and hospitality entities within Dubai Holding, from which he grew to lead the full Dubai Holding portfolio by December of 2009. In 2010, he took on the GCC assignment of the PepsiCo portfolio, and was promoted to lead on the full MEA assignment of PepsiCo in 2012. In his most recent assignment, Faisal has had the opportunity to work on breakthrough campaigns and media initiatives, most of which have received high recognition and awards both internally and within the industry.

Rachid El Khazen ,

Rachid joined OMD in 2006 as a planning executive and has grown alongside the organization, both personally and professionally. After years of working in planning, where he gained significant market knowledge and expertise across OMDs’ client portfolio, he made the shift to buying. As Director of Investments, Rachid managed the investments of key multinational clients. In 2016, he was appointed General Manager, where he now oversees OMD’s entire operations.

Tarek Jaffar ,

Significant and sustained business growth often comes from inspirational insights, innovation, great ideas and measurable performance. This is precisely what drives Tarek, whose unique talent resides in his ability to blend the big picture with the smaller details to craft insightful and effective strategies. This is the result of 10 years of experience in media and marketing, working with local and multinational clientele, covering FMCGs, automotive, NGOs and banking.

Tarek has been the driving force behind OMD Egypt’s thought leadership and strategic planning for over five years. A cool, calm and collected director, he unravels the intricacies of Egyptian marketing through data mining across traditional and digital platforms, to elicit the essential. Tarek’s focus on the shifts in Egypt’s diverse consumer behavior has been pivotal in the agency’s performance with clients and at awards festivals.

Mark Soufiar ,

Mark joined the group back in 2003 where he started his career as a media planner and handled a range of local and regional clients. Promoted to senior executive, he was part of the team that helped set up PhD in the region. He was then appointed as a planning manager for OMD to handle the du account for more than three years. In 2010, he handed the Dubai Holding group of accounts in the capacity of a director. Currently he heads OMD’s operations in Qatar and Kuwait.

Houda Znati ,

A charismatic leader plays a critical role in times when clients and agencies are challenging the status quo and are hungry for innovation. Houda’s vast experience and driven attitude allows her to lead OMD Morocco and nurture its people with an “always in motion” spirit, encouraging talent to seek solutions beyond the ordinary. Armed with a solid command of OMD’s planning product and the network’s unwavering focus on driving business performance for clients, Houda plays a critical role in establishing a niche for the agency to develop future-facing solutions that will ultimately progress the media communications sector.

Houda started her career in 2005, working across a broad portfolio of accounts at several international agencies in Morocco. She joined OMD in 2010, and was subsequently transferred to Dubai in 2013 to lead the Dior and other LVMH brand businesses for the region. Her continued growth within the agency led to her appointment as general manager of OMD Morocco in 2017, with the mandate of using the agency’s cutting-edge product to drive innovation for clients in the Moroccan market.

Najette Melliti ,

Najette’s industry perspective is shaped by her time working from both the client and agency side. After spending 16 years working in Henkel, she prides herself on her ability to identify and respond to customers’ needs in both strategic and operational areas. She currently works as General Manager of OMD Tunisia.

Kenza Hattab ,

With a degree in marketing from Algerian university in 2003, Kenza has worked in the media industry for over 12 years. She began her career as a media executive in a local media agency and was soon promoted to media manager. She joined MindShare Algeria in 2007 as a media manager and four years later, she joined BBDO/OMD as a media director. During this time, she built successful relationships with key clients including Henkel, Renault and Danone among others. Today, Kenza overlooks the operations at OMD Algeria.

Maroun Hassoun ,

Maroun has over 12 years of industry experience. He began his career with Mindshare in Beirut working in planning and later in trading. Between 2006 to 2008 he managed Zain and NBK at Mindshare Kuwait. In 2014, he joined MCN as Investment Director of the entire Levant region.




We take our responsibility to our people, clients, suppliers, environment and community at large, very seriously.

We take our responsibility to our people, clients, suppliers, environment and community at large, very seriously.

Long-term vision

Our mission is to be a pioneering and responsible marketing services group that fosters innovation and thought leadership, promotes shared values and upholds the highest standards of governance and ethics. We are the first marketing and communications company in the region to have our sustainability practices reported in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 guidelines.

We always strive to be curious and insightful. Reinventing, responding and reacting is the only way to truly add value.

We’re innovative and constantly searching for new ideas that fuel success for our brands and people.

We seek and provide honest feedback, learn from our mistakes and successes in equal measure and never underestimate our competitors.

We take great pride in responsibly developing compassionate and nurturing relationships with our employees, clients and partners

A great place to work

Our people are our biggest asset. So we look after them, providing them with careers instead of jobs, stimulating and rewarding their creativity, media expertise and team spirit. Since 2011, we’ve been named one of the best employers in the UAE by the Great Place to Work® Institute for our commitment to understanding our employees’ needs.
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Raising the bar

We actively aim to share our knowledge and insights with our peers and stakeholders. Here are some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken to help positively impact the development of our industry.

We actively aim to share our knowledge and insights with our peers and stakeholders.


Since 2011, we’ve been regularly publishing white papers because the more we all know, the more effective and impactful we can all be.


OMD Predicts and PHD Brainscape are just some of the many thought-provoking knowledge-sharing events we’ve developed.


We’ve had a series of industry firsts with our pioneering offerings in social media, mobile marketing, content, data and
programmatic media.