Elda Choucair, PHD UAE’s managing director, talks to Communicate Online about the role of technology in human evolution

Elda Choucair, PHD UAE‘s (Omnicom Media Group) managing director sat down with Communicate online to talk  about how evolution in technology is a key concept in human evolution and how the future is either a source of excitement or a cause for anxiety. She says “without technology advancements, our lives would not have evolved as rapidly. Technology and the use of modern media is rewiring our brains, particularly among teens”.

To absorb the latest technological and research developments and to consider their implications for mankind as well as corporations, it takes a wonder junkie obsessed with the co-evolution of humans and technology like futurist and techno-philosopher Jason Silva. He believes that we will be able to engineer our consciousness through the GNR revolution with wearable technology.

With the future of technology rapidly revolutionising human evolution, it is time to reboot our thinking.

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