Digital Essays 2017: Client 2.0: success in a tech-fused world

Disruption is affecting everything and everyone. Even clients are evolving quicker than ever in this tech-fused world.

This tech-fused world is powering an intense period of change right now in the industry, with the need to transform becoming ever more apparent to succeed.

The challenges we face may have been somewhat exaggerated by dramatic headlines, but in truth, the substantial growth in digital investments is reshaping how we do business.

At every level, be it industry, client, agency or media alike, we must now evolve our skills, business models and services to ensure a smooth transition.

As trends appear and mature at an increasingly fast pace, the need for transformation has never been more important. Success in this tech-fused world will require marketers to embrace a wider role in their organizations, focusing on growth and customer experience.

Read OMD UAE, executive director of integrated solutions, Waseem Afzal’s full digital essay on Campaign ME.

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