There is no off switch in an ‘always-on’ world

By Ramzi Al Atat, Senior Director- Planning, OMD UAE

Take your favorite marketer and ask them what their professional utopia looks like. They’ll most likely depict an environment where they are able to conduct marketing and communication activities all year long.

Yet, like any quantifiable resource in the universe, ad dollars are finite, and budgetary restrictions are what shape marketing reality, not utopic fantasies.

Our daily struggle is to allocate the budgets towards the right resources at any given time, to allow us to achieve the increasingly stretched targets. What do marketers do to counter this hurdle? Flighting.

And not the cool Superman kind (although, his contribution to marketing male leggings is certainly noteworthy). By definition, ‘flighting’ is the periodic allocation of advertising budget to ensure maximum exposure during optimal periods, only in the form of isolated bursts.

Or, as I recently explained to my mum, who once taught me how to ski: In the case of a ski resort in the Alpes, the campaign announcing the newly renovated slope will most likely be scheduled to run just in time for snow season.

With this in mind, can we generalize that all businesses have clear peaks, which their advertising should mirror? Well, no, it’s not quite as simple as that.

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