Insights | 22.04.2018

Seamless Middle East 2018: The Future of E-commerce

Every year, Seamless Middle East brings together experts and businesses from all over the region to discuss the future and challenges of payments, fintech, e-commerce and retail. In its 19th edition, I had the opportunity to moderate a round-table discussion with some of the brightest minds in MENA’s e-commerce industry, debating the digital marketplace and the potential for growth in the region.

It’s clear that this is a particularly hot topic right now, with exponential growth in terms of consumer adoption, as well as business investment. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt are expected to be the fastest growing e-commerce markets globally in the next few years. In terms of adoption, the e-commerce market in the GCC is estimated to be around $15 billion by the end of the year…the potential scope is huge.

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Waseem Afzal
GM- Transact at OMD