Is 360-degree the future of video? Charli Ursell answers in Campaign Middle East

PHD UAE’s senior director of digital, Charli Ursell, commented for Campaign Middle East on the subject of whether 360-degree videos are a fad or the future of immersive video content.

“I’m always a little cynical about the latest media ‘buzz’. Before jumping onboard, you have to ask whether using the format serves a purpose that is relevant to your brand – and quite often it does not. We have tested the 360 video for some of our clients with their innovation budgets and seen great engagement, which may help to further brand perception in consumers’ minds. But then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon and it is no longer exclusive. While they may provide a lovely rich format for marketers in the entertainment industry to get people to interact with the latest music video or video game, once the interaction is over they often become just another gimmick, littering people’s busy minds and Facebook feeds. So again, it comes down to purpose; a 360 video to check out the inside of your own mouth? I’m not so sure. However, a 360 video that serves as a time-saving mechanism to show busy employees around potential new homes? Maybe.”

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Mohamad Ali Al Ali
Senior Executive – Social Media at PHD