Marketing | 03.04.2018

Four things that marketers should keep in mind today

1. Generation Innovation: How Gen Z will change the world
There is a difference between millennials and Gen Z, and it stems from the latter’s perception of the former – ‘They destroy, we build.’
We can’t categorize them in the same bucket, they think and act fundamentally different. Brands need to understand their different drives and nuances – one strategy for both won’t work.
So how do we approach this?

2. Snapchat and AR: Using brand play time to help users tell their stories
Don’t underestimate Snapchat- it is leading the augmented reality revolution. It offers an authentic path to AR and a richer narrative through immersive experiences. While this opens the door to new engagement metrics, it’s up to brands to capitalize and create brand affinity. We’re moving from ‘feed-based’ marketing to ‘camera-based’ marketing. The camera is the new home screen – it’s all about recording the moment and recording the story.

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Laura Roberts
Head of Content Marketing at OMG