Arab Luxury World 2015 – the key takeaways

Arab Luxury World, the region’s annual  conference that focuses on the business of luxury in the Middle East, took place at the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi last month. In case you missed it, here are our key takeaways:

1)      Instead of a case of print versus digital, all signs point to a coexistence of the two. Content cannot be replicated on both, but channelled to suit each medium in order to enhance the consumer experience.

2)      Today, not only does digital drive customers to your store, but it also enhances the experience they will have there. Beyond just providing customers with the important information they seek, digital can also create an emotional connection between them and a product through storytelling. Campaigns are now being replaced by conversations.

3)      Luxury customers love technology and expect experiences to be more seamless. Product research in the luxury sector is increasingly happening online, so brands need to be dynamic and seek technological innovations. Also, this is the only way to appeal to your future customers – the millennials.

4)      Despite international decline, Dubai, which is less dependent on oil revenues, remains an optimistic marketplace. The Expo 2020 will bring more visitors, jobs and retail space to Dubai’s economy.

5)      The use of influencers needs to feel authentic. Use the right person for your brand who not only makes a declaration, but actually uses the brand/product at all times.

6)      Quality and craftsmanship are just some aspects of marketing luxury products efficiently. Brands need to consider tapping into emotions more in today’s world. Smart technology now enhances in-store experiences, making them even more personal.

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