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5 Things to Avoid with Your Email Marketing

NEVER BUY LISTS There are many reasons why buying an email list is a bad idea, but the most obvious and important one is that’s it’s a complete waste of time and money. The lists sold to you are likely to be of poor quality, often with incomplete data, out-of-date information and contacts that were […]

5 Steps to Spruce Up Your Email Marketing

SET UP TRACKING METRICS Before thinking about sending any emails, every marketer should put into place basic tracking processes in order to understand campaign success. Metrics to consider include: click-through rate, bounce rate, overall ROI and the sharing rate. As well, there may be a number of additional metrics you’d like to track that are […]

Why Mobile Search Optimization is Crucial for Your App

Today, through major technological improvements across devices, along with updates to search engine algorithms, mobile allows us to find everything we’re looking for in that very moment. At the same time, it also allows marketers to showcase how much their app/site is related to a certain query. However, most brands don’t even take into account […]