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Head of Content Marketing at OMG

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Arab Luxury World: Trends to watch

A profound transformation of the luxury industry is underway. This was the overarching theme of this year’s Arab Luxury World conference, as business leaders, industry experts and key media players converged to discuss how companies should prepare for this strategic shift. Mobile, Omnichannel, and Influencers OMD participated in three panels and one private speaker session, […]

Looking ahead: The future of digital in the Middle East

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of the first part of the year. The digital predictions we made at the end of 2017 and into Q1 are now starting to take shape, either as reality or as something to reassess. It’s timely, therefore that we had the opportunity to talk to Choueiri […]

OMD at ArabNet Digital Summit 2018

In the sixth edition of ArabNet’s digital summit in Dubai, OMD partnered with the platform to offer insight and ignite discussion around the key trends happening in the industry right now. Waseem Afzal, GM of Transact, delivered the keynote on day one, opening the Ad Tech forum to debate topics around data management platforms, attribution […]

Four things that marketers should keep in mind today

1. Generation Innovation: How Gen Z will change the world There is a difference between millennials and Gen Z, and it stems from the latter’s perception of the former – ‘They destroy, we build.’ We can’t categorize them in the same bucket, they think and act fundamentally different. Brands need to understand their different drives […]

OMD Predicts 2017 explores personalized communication

Evolve. This was the concept that powered OMD Predicts 2017, where expert speakers and panelists explored the future of personalized communications at scale. Building on last year’s theme of how to trigger desire and build demand, Evolve examined how we as an industry can future-proof our strategies in an uncertain climate and crucially, reexamine our […]