Jeena George

SEO Manager - Transact at OMD

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Keyword Planner has got Search Marketers on their Toes: PART 1

It is a general rule that data from Keyword Planner is not set in stone and is used only as a directive. However, with recent changes we have found that the traffic estimates are much less accurate and therefore, not the most reliable. In the last few months we’ve seen two major alterations that could […]

Does Google Prefer AMPlified Listings Over Organic?

How does it work exactly? Basically, an AMP streamlines online content by stripping away HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements to leave behind only the key consumables – text, images, video and ad banners. It is essentially an open-source, non-technical framework called AMP HTML, which is used to optimize mobile templates. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Google […]