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Can controversy be right for a brand?

Neither Colin Kaepernick nor Nike need an introduction but their combination in the 30th anniversary celebration of the brand’s “Just Do It” slogan proved a surprise at the very least. The sense of outrage for opponents of the former 49ers player pushed them to burn or deface their Nike products and share this online. Has […]

Ready. Saudi. Go.

Among the many reforms in Saudi Arabia initiated by King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the ones enabling the economic participation of women are among the most powerful. The right to drive has certainly grabbed the headlines around the world as a victory for personal freedom. Beyond that, it enables the country to […]

The imitation game: four ways to make copying work for you

Copying is… good, bad, predictable? Take your pick but I’m willing to bet your views about copying will be negative. With information flowing more freely than ever, the chances for both accidental and intentional copying are also increased. Isn’t it time we changed our stance on this subject? In my latest blog post, I consider ways […]

Gender intelligence 101: Why we need to change the way we look at leadership

It’s becoming increasingly clear before the industry can make progressive steps in this regard, what we all need is a crash course in gender intelligence. Untitled by Cindy Sherman To start with, we need to accept there isn’t one kind of leadership style. There’s a vast spectrum of qualities a leader may possess – current […]

Can women really be CEOs? The marketing industry needs to come to terms with this…

Social media has been buzzing around this topic. Several have acknowledged the issue and some have asked whether the response to Roberts comment was too severe. Absolutely not.   The world of marketing and communications does have a diversity and inclusion problem. The numbers speak for themselves. Over the past ten years the amount of […]

The ULTIMATE checklist for every decade of your life

0 – 10: Create a strong sense of values: These foundational years are pivotal. Providing your children with a solid system of values will give them the ultimate toolkit to navigate the good and bad times ahead of them. Easier said than done? Trying using acronyms which are a great way to ensure your kids remain anchored […]

An open letter to the UAE’s Minister of Happiness

After reading your article A Quantum of Happiness, it’s clear you have a profound understanding of the concept of happiness… it’s also evident you have a huge task ahead of you. That’s not to say the UAE hasn’t fared well in past global rankings of happiness. This year the Emirates ranked 28th on the 2016 […]

So you want to be a CEO? Here’s what you need to know

For many, this somewhat over-used buzzword is the cause of much concern, distress and even fear. For me the notion of disruption evokes only one feeling: extreme excitement. Why? I’m really looking forward to the limitless opportunities for success that will result from the technology changing the face of our existing business models and industries. […]

This is why your employees are quitting

Art work featured in this post: Vik Muniz “The Thinkers” and Aboudia ”Untitled” If you think there’s nothing extraordinary with these findings, consider how the lack of a work-life balance is shaping UAE’s residents attitude to employment. The Future of the UAE study found 66% of residents say they want to start their own business, […]

Want to get ahead in life? Be more like Kim Kardashian

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian and her controversial beginnings, there’s no denying she has an unshakable and well-established personal brand.

We’re selling the marketing dream but are we buying it?

In any company, explaining why you do what you do can help give your employees, clients and consumers a sense of meaning. Perhaps ironically, we, in the marketing services industry, are often terrible at ‘selling’ what we do. And it is hurting us. A lot. We’re notoriously better at drowning clients with marketing buzzwords and […]

Was Jennifer Aniston the right choice for Emirates? #AgencyPublisher

Less than six months after Etihad introduced Hollywood star Nicole Kidman as its brand ambassador, FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston signed a $5 million global brand endorsement deal with Emirates.

Was Jennifer Aniston the right choice for Emirates?

Game of copycat: Regardless of when negotiations really began, announcing Aniston mere months after Kidman, will strike the on-looker as an attempt at catching-up. Emirates has worked long and hard to establish itself as a serious international player in the industry – should it really be playing second fiddle to its much younger and less […]

Do you do this? The skills every mentor must have

Of course! Only when you know what your employees are going through, can you offer guidance when they need it the most. If you think that sounds more like a mentor than a leader, I’ve got news for you: a good leader is also a mentor. If you want your people to do the best they can, […]

Want to make money? Listen to Pharrell

“Do everything with intent. Make sure intention is the number one ingredient in your creation.” Speaking at Cannes Lions, the award-winning producer Pharrell Williams touched on something all businesses should always be thinking about.

Want to make money? Listen to Pharrell

The social landscape as we know it is changing, primarily because of an increase in consumer preferences towards morality. Millennials aren’t afraid to switch jobs or wait longer to get married until they feel their career echoes their strong sense of ethics, idealism and community. Ethos determines not only where millennials want to work, but […]

Cannes Lions: Will you be a victim or champion of technology?

As I took my flight home from this year’s Cannes Lions, I thought about just how much the conversation has changed since my first Cannes over a decade ago. The most striking difference?

Ramadan: Think twice before you invest

As it gained popularity, TVCs during Ramadan became more and more expensive. Currently TV advertising costs increase as much as 150% on the top channels during the Holy Month. Still, brands are willing to stomach the steep price tag because it’s worth it. Or is it? So, what’s changed? Let’s take a look at the social […]

Ramadan: Think twice before you invest

The rule of thumb for marketing for any brand in the Middle East used to be: Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan. Why?

How growing up during the war made me a better leader

I was 10-years-old when the civil war in Lebanon broke out. The years that followed were some of the darkest I’ve witnessed.

Want to get ahead in life? Be more like Kim Kardashian

The exact nature of her personal brand is irrelevant to this article – but it does give us a benchmark for how powerful a personal brand can be. Why do I bring it up? I believe 2016 will be the year of personal branding. There used to be a time when only celebrities, politicians or […]