Eric Mirabel

RED – Marketing at OMG

Eric’s career started in London at Emap Media. He moved to Dubai in 1996 to head the sales team of Emap’s Gulf Marketing Review, before becoming its associate publisher and editor. He joined OMD in 2003 and today overlooks the marketing of the holding and its agencies.

Latest stories

Brands can play to win at the World Cup

The Superbowl. The biggest annual event in the U.S sporting calendar has just passed with an unexpected victory for underdogs, the Philadelphia Eagles. Yet for many, especially in the world of marketing, the game itself plays second fiddle to the true gladiatorial arena – the ad break. In keeping with the surprise victor theme, brands, Tide and Australian […]

There’s no need to panic, just put content back on center stage

Don’t panic over what might feel like apocalyptic news, there is hope! While many Facebook changes often go undetected, the latest one has understandably raised some concern among everyone involved with ‘paid content’. The platform announced it will change its algorithm to prioritize content from ‘friends, family and groups’ rather than ‘more passive content’. You’re […]

How to turn millennials’ impatience into a business opportunity

Millennials have been getting a bad rap, largely from their older peers who see in them a bunch of spoiled brats who want things their own way and won’t stand for waiting, except for things to fall on their laps. Depending on which side of the 1980s you stand, you may feel that some of […]

OMD @ Arab Luxury World 2016

Arab Luxury World, the region’s largest conference on the business of luxury, took place on 1-2 June, 2016. OMD was present throughout the event with speakers participating in numerous panels and seminars. Here, we bring you all the insights and driving themes from this year’s edition. Luxury across generations in the Arab world What are […]