Christos Solomi

Group Director-Programmatic at RESOLUTION

Christos Solomi has a range of internal and regional experience across print, broad radio and digital. He has over 11 years’ experience in the media world - the majority of which was spent in the digital realm.

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Cross platform attribution, or how I learned to stop worrying and love data

What is it?

Sounds complicated but it need not be. At its most basic, cross platform attribution is about understanding what factors influenced a consumer to buy something and in the context of marketing, what role did media play.

Why multi-platform data driven marketing is important

A dear friend recently hurt his wrist. I asked him how it happened and he mumbled something incoherent about football. He knits secretly, at a very high level apparently, and I’m fairly certain he has knitting induced repetitive strain but I let this slide. “But the weirdest thing happened this morning,” he exclaimed “I received an SMS from a sports injury clinic advertising their services”. It was of course a coincidence, these moments of serendipity happen to all of us once and a while. He usually would have disregarded the SMS and thought nothing more of it but it was relevant and unexpected.